Eco Bubbles is the only way to save time, money & Water.

Our Services

01 Exterior car wash
02 Internal car cleaning
03 Seat wash
04 Semi detailing
05 Complete Car spa ( deep cleaning)
06 Interior car spa treatment
07 Exterior car spa treatment
08 Express car cleaning (Interior/ Exterior )
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Kaustubh Bhoj – Founder

Pune-based young entrepreneur Kaustubh Bhoj, founder of Eco Bubbles came up with the idea of 100% Car cleaning using 1% water. The idea of business came in his mind when he started observing the car wash boys use the same bucket of water and clothes again & again which is actually not a healthy option. Using only 1% water but not using the same water again & again , cars should look clean with no stains. This aspiration, the concept called eco bubbles was born. Through avoiding unnecessary usage of water . Eco-bubbles always wants to save the world and Mother Nature through avoiding unnecessary usage of water. Just like we can save water and create bubbles at the same time.

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car protection

Eco Bubbles dry foam car wash is a doorstep service that cleans your car using 1% water . It uses a safe, eco-friendly formula that leaves behind a protective coat against UV rays and dirt.

Eco Bubbles is revolution in the world of car wash. It provides you with waterless and eco friendly doorstep car cleaning services.

Reasons of Car Wash


Our mission at Eco Bubbles is to make cars 100% clean with 1% water . Not only to make  your car sparkling, but to do so in an environment friendly and carbon-neutral way.


Passion for the industry: Strong interest in the automobile washing industry and enjoy working with cars, starting a Doorstep car wash business is the natural fit for KaustubhStarting a doorstep car wash business can be a rewarding endeavor, but it also comes with its own set of challenges like Start-up costs, Competition, Weather, Staffing, Regulations, Marketing, Seasonal fluctuations.


Cleaning cars can be an expensive process with long waiting times, high cost and hassle. At Eco Bubbles we change this. We give car owners a better option for washing their cars. Eco Bubbles strives to provide innovative, fast and convenient car cleaning services to our customers.

What makes Eco Bubbles the best car wash company ?

All cleaning is done with environment friendly products.

Very high attention to detail, we use professional tools only.

Great attitude towards customer service and quality workmanship

Affordable Packages

Want to get fast and detailed car washing?

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Want to get fast and detailed car washing?

Book it now!