Monthly Package

Dry Foam Wash


We use Snow foam, or wash-pre-foam is a car cleaning detergent designed to completely cover the exterior of a car.

The foam leaves a thick white layer that looks like snow on the outside of the car, hence it is also called snow foam.

In the process, We cover your car in foam using a foam cannon attached to our pressure washer.

We are a professional to do this for you.

foam wash

Per month

Express car cleaning (interior/exterior)

Exterior cleaning

    • Dry Foam wash
    • Tyre cleaning and polishing
    • Glass cleaning

Interior cleaning

    • Vacuum cleaning
    • Dashboard cleaning and polishing
    • All plastic parts cleaning and polishing
    • Floor cleaning and leather part cleaning
    • Seat cleaning (vacuum cleaning for fabric seats and wiping for leather seats)

Express Car Cleaning(interior/ exterior)

Per month

Interior car spa treatment (Detailing)

Interior Cleaning

    • Anti-bacterial treatment
    • Fibre and plastic parts cleaning and polishing
    • Leather/ Fabric seat cleaning.
    • Dashboard cleaning and polishing.
    • Roof cleaning.
    • Floor cleaning.
    • A/C Vent cleaning.

Interior Car spa Treatment (detailing)

Per month